Revolution 2020

Can you surrender your dreams for your family? Can you forget the person you love the most? Can you sacrifice your career for any reason? Can you lose your best friend easily? Can you?? If you say yes, then I would say you are really a good human being. But do you really think it is so easy to do. It takes really a big heart to sacrifice something especially when it is your own decision to let go off things in front of your eyes. Believe me, it’s really hard!!!!


Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat is based on such a sacrifice and a love triangle of three friends namely Gopal, Raghav, and Arti. Gopal didn’t get good rank in engineering entrance exam and opened an Engineering college. Raghav got a good rank in engineering entrance exam but he chose journalism as his profession after completing B.Tech. Arti never cared for these ranks because she wanted to be an air hostess but her family didn’t allow her. Gopal loved Arti from childhood but she chose Raghav as her life partner and neither had she wanted to lose her best friend Gopal. On the other hand, Raghav was very busy with his profession that he didn’t have time for his relationship with Arti. Now, she started spending more time with Gopal and they get into a relationship with Raghav being unaware of it.

It’s a story of love and corruption and impacted the life of three friends. In the end, the author has left on readers to decide whether Gopal was a hero or a villain.

I found this book a little different from other books of Chetan Bhagat because of the happy endings we usually have in his book. Although, I don’t like sad endings but the ending really touched my heart. Jesus, he had everything in his life then why he sacrificed everything. Why did he choose to be alone? A sad ending but a worth reading.


The Choice

The ChoiceChoice… A nice word to hear but is always a hard decision to make. There are so many situations in life when one has to make a choice, irrespective of his own desire. In school, when you have to make choice for the subjects. After school, which career path to opt. After completing graduation, get placement in good organization or choose to study further. As soon as you settle in your career, next is to plan a family, buy a house or car, or take a loan. The situations are endless, so the choices. People make choices depending on their interests and priorities. Sometimes, the priority is own desire and in other times, the priority is someone else’s desire. But, in the end, we are solely responsible for the decision we make. So, it is better to make your own choice rather than having any regrets in life. This way, you won’t put the burden of your decision on others.

The Choice – By Nicholas Sparks is based upon a decision Travis made for Gabby. The book asks a question – How far one should go in the name of love? Travis had everything in his life except true love. Gabby had a boyfriend but couldn’t deny the fact that she had fallen in love with Travis. Travis confessed his feelings and they got married. They were living a happy life with their two daughters but an accident changed their life completely.

Few times ago, before Gabby’s accident, she met a person whose wife was in Coma and he cannot saw her in pain and wished that it would be better that she dies. She told about this to Travis and asked him to promise her that he would let her go if they come across a similar situation. Three months has already passed and their daughters has started to adjust and living their life without mother. Now, the time has come for Travis to make a choice.

What choice do Travis has? What decision has Travis taken? Has he let Gabby go? Is his decision correct? Will his family support his decision? How far one should go in the name of love? To know all the answers, one must read this book. I enjoyed reading this book.

1473_122f878499A smile costs nothing,

Yet, it can brighten a cloudy day.

If life is a journey,

Why not smile along the way?

Smiles are like flowers,

Beautiful fragrant and fair coming from the heart.

They really show you care,

But some people are not just blessed with the gift.

And that is why sometimes causes a rift.

I wish I could say all passersby offering them a smile.

And asking them to try learning to smile.

It is never too late to start,

All that we need is some love in our hearts.

Worrying is not worthwhile,

So, $miLe! $miLe! $miLe!

Love is the desire of heart that everyone needs,
It’s the part of life that every heart seeks…
The best gift to us is the people who love us.
They make you feel like heaven on earth.
It’s the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to a person,
You can do everything for that person….
It’s the only thing that brings both sorrow and joy.
When you fall in love, you feel happy.
But when it hurts, you feel unlucky….
True love happens only once in life.
But you don’t get the person you always like….



Words fail when I want to express,
I still don’t know how to confess..
I love you.. Once I told you,
And hold you.. Just to hug you..
My emotions are still the same,
Then tell me why did u change..
Time has taken us to a place,
Where its difficult for us to face..
You gave me strength to walk,
So don’t expect me not to talk..
My emotions are still the same,
Then tell me why did you change..
Wonder whether I stay in your heart,
Or never entered into your chart..
Do feelings get away so easily,
Then why I am stuck like a silly..
My emotions are still the same,
Then tell me why did you change..
Sometimes think to live life as is,
Next moment hope magic to work in..
Come near and take away my fear,
Together, all the pain we can bear..
My emotions are still the same,
Then tell me why did you change..
I pray for everything to be fine,
Waiting for the day when you’ll be mine..
I know it appears so difficult to me,
But I believe.. God will change everything for me…
My feelings are still the same,
Then tell me why did you change….

~~ Akanksha ~~

Two States

The questions that came in my mind after reading the book was, don’t we make friends from other communities? Don’t we used to have teachers in our school from other communities who had taught us? Don’t we have colleagues in our office with whom we interact daily? People accept all of them. Maybe, they have to. But it becomes so difficult for people to accept son-in-law or daughter-in-law from other community. How strange the fact is, people throughout their life taught their children to love all and respect all religions or communities. But when it comes to marriage, they expect the in-laws from same community. People, themselves, divide people according to colors, races, religions etc. But they don’t think what message they are forwarding to future generation. Aren’t they all humans? To say, we live in a nation but in reality we belong to communities.

A Punjabi boy fell in love with a South Indian girl. Both decided to meet with their families and told about their relationship to them. But as per the norms of our culture, they disagreed. The boy and girl took a hard journey to convince their parents. They tried to know each other’s family like and dislike so that they can make a place in their heart. Finally, they are able to convince their families and got married.

It was an obvious climax of the book but a worth reading to know the obstacles in their path, emotions attached with a family and the acceptance of their love and marriage. I believe it is one of the good books of Chetan Bhagat. It is a beautiful love story that unites two communities.

One day we all have to leave this beautiful world unaware of the journey ahead. I have heard that if we do good deeds we are relieved otherwise we are reborn and enter into the same world again but may be in a different environment. But what if we are relieved from this world? What about the life after death? Well, you may get these answers in this book “The Five People you meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom.

The Five People you meet in Heaven describes the journey of a man, Eddie, after his death. Eddie was a soldier and in his later years of life worked as a maintenance head at an amusement park, named Ruby Pier. He died on his 83rd birthday while saving a little girl in Ruby Pier. After his death, he met five people. Some were stranger to him while others were known to him. But all were related to his life somehow and taught him the lessons of life. The book shows a different perspective of life and soul. It tells how sometimes we misunderstand the people in our life without knowing the hard time they are having. It tells how a situation which seems normal to us can do harm to others. It tells how strangers can also be related to your life, how people sacrifice their lives to save one person just because it’s not his turn to leave the world.

This is an awesome book to read. First, it generates a curiosity to know about the people Eddie meets in heaven. Second, it will help in learning the small lessons with great meaning of life. Third, it relates to the living being and inner soul. The lesson that I learnt from the book is that don’t wait for five people just try to learn the lessons yourself 😉 Eddie got this chance but you may not. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was worth reading!!!!